My name is Mikaela and I’ve taken a leap of faith. After ten years of living in Toronto, I’ve moved back to Simcoe County with my partner Jean-François. My goal is a simpler lifestyle.

When driving from Toronto to Perkinsfield to visit our folks, JF and I always said hello to a particularly lovely field just south of Innisfil. It is a pretty little patch that always had me wishing for a farmhouse.

We didn’t buy a farmhouse. Or a field. But we did buy a pretty red victorian in Elmvale, Ontario — a farming community, if there ever was one. And this blog is about our adventure.

Here's my dream field. Say hello to it for me if you're driving north on Hwy 400.

Here’s my inspiration field. Say hello to it for me if you’re driving north on Hwy 400.

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  2. So enjoy your writing Mikaela! Your last post on the positive aspects of Covid was much appreciated. It’s always helpful when we can reframe the negative into a positive. Merci 👍🏻💥

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