My new friend Nytol

We recently gave our notice to our landlord. We must and will be out of our Toronto apartment for September 1, 2013. Which means we must and will either buy a house or rent a place in Simcoe County sometime this summer. Blimey. This is really happening.

Or is it?

A few months ago, thinking about houses at bedtime (silk curtains, granite countertops and hardwood floors… mmmmmm) would send me first into a pleasant haze, then straight to sleep. Now, thinking about houses at bedtime induces me to take Nytol — an effective drug recently added to my pharmaceutical lexicon.

We just can’t seem to agree on what house to buy. What I love, he doesn’t. What he loves is ugly. And after ten years of renting, we just don’t want to rent anymore.

Which is why I’m moving (temporarily, I hope) into my teenhood bedroom at my mom’s Midland house in a week. From that tiny “terracotta”-painted (i.e. poo brown) shrine to my youth, I can help with my sister Alicia’s engagement party, volunteer, job hunt, go to the beach, hang out with my avó, and drive around like a crazy person in search of “for rent” and “for sale by owner” signs. My amazing mother will feed me and do my laundry.

This is my mom's house. Beautiful, but can it hold three grown women?

This is my mom’s house. Beautiful, but can it hold three grown women?

Mom, I love you. Thank you for being a regular reader of this blog. But I’m a bit scared of living with you and Geneviève. Three women, one bathroom. Plus it’s been ten years since I lived with a parent.

I started packing today and it’s harder than I thought. Just how many bags does one need for an indefinite stay in a small, storagely-challenged room?

I say indefinite stay, but there is a ray of hope in the vast gloom of this house hunt. JF and I recently set a drop dead date. On July 22, we will either make an offer on this house in Coldwater (which we both love — we would just prefer Elmvale) or choose a house to rent.

House in Coldwater that we both love. If only it was in Elmvale.

House in Coldwater that we both love. If only it was in Elmvale.

We’ve committed. Crossed our hearts. Pinky swore. But whether we will actually be able to make a decision on July 22 remains to be seen.

What I know for sure is that for the next few months, I will have a foot in both worlds. JF will be working away in Toronto while I try to start building our new life in Simcoe County.

4 thoughts on “My new friend Nytol

  1. The Coldwater house looks very nice! And don’t take too much Nytol, it’ll start to backfire on you and make you feel more anxious. Try hot milk, instead. Or a Gravol…

  2. I second the warm milk with honey. Also, love the house in Coldwater from what we can see in the picture – it looks lovely and friendly and welcoming. Also I love how wide it is – definitely not in Toronto, is it?
    As for 3 women in a house with one bathroom, I roomed with 2 women in a 2 bedroom flat (I shared a room with another woman) with one bathroom for almost 3 years and it remains one of the fondest memories of my life!
    As for bags, I’d say one large-ish tote bag (for grocery shopping and every day), one smaller purse (for those job-interviews, because anyone with half a brain would hire you in a second so OF COURSE they’re going to want to interview you) and if you have it a clutch because you never know when you need a little bit of fabulous for a night/evening out. LOL!

  3. Or, better than warm milk (icky!) is magnesium, the all natural “lights out” that will give you the best sleep you’ll ever have. There’s a great magnesium drink called Calm (the name says it all!) and it’s available in most health food stores. It’s probably less budget friendly than milk but, as Revlon executives would like you to believe, “you’re worth it.”

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